Neonatal small machine


Neonatal small machine

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AD3000-SPB Air Oxygen Blender
  • AD3000-SPB Air Oxygen Blender
  • AD3000-SPB Air Oxygen Blender
  • AD3000-SPB Air Oxygen Blender
  • AD3000-SPB Air Oxygen Blender

  • No: AD3000-SPB
  • Type: Neonatal small machine
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  • AD3000-SPB Air Oxygen Blender

    It is a sort of equipment used by medical staff who make rescue mwasures by using differnent concentration of oxygen, suitable for neonate especially premature infant to treat the oxygen damage and other complications, such as retinopathy of premature children(ROP), and chronic lung disease(CLD) due to absorbing high flow and concentrations oxygen for a long time. The product complies with rquirements of the “Guide”. It must use the device that mixed with air and oxygen, strictly gasp the indications and ways of using oxygen, monitor and adjust the concentration in time according to the condition of paitents to avoid excessive fluctuation.


    Performance characteristics:

    Adjust oxygen concentration and flow separately that will not affect to each other.

    The main machine do not need the power supply but with pneumatic and air control.

    The parameters of oxygen concnetration can be adjusted continuously and directly, it do not need to calculate or refer to the form.

    Special alloy materials, anodic oxidation treatment on the surface.

    Unbalanced alarm of supply gas pressure.

    Long-life, maintenance-free, consume no materials.

    Flow meter or inhaler cna be opted to match.

    Expand to Bubble CPAP.

    Double outputs can be opted to match.


    It is widely applied in resuscitation capsule, hood, mask, nasal catheter, incubator, CPAP, ECMO and so on.

    Technical parameter:

    Model: AD3000-SPB

    FIO2: 21%~100%

    Flow: 0~10LPM

    Gas-source supply: 0.3MPa~0.4MPa

    Pressure differential alarm: pressure difference>0.1MPa, sound alarm

    Size: 6.8*8.8*7.5cm

    Weight: <1.5KG