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Operation Room Equipment including below items: Anesthesia machineVentilator machineCPAP APAP BPAP machineMedical pendantOperation lampOperation tableElectrosurgical generatorPatient monitorDefibrillatorEEG and EMGECG machineFetal dopplerPluse oximeterSpirometerOxygen generatorsSuction machineNebulizerSyringe and infusion pumpSyringe destroyerDialysis machineSurgical instrumentsOperation room machine accessories  etc ,

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Anesthesia machine is a piece of medical equipment used in the administration of anesthesia. The machine delivers calibrated mixtures of anesthesia gases and oxygen to the patient to sustain anesthesia, while also providing patient monitoring capabilities to allow the anesthesiologist or technician caring for the patient to make adjustments as necessary during the procedure.

Anesthesia machine main function is to output the anesthetic gases, so that the patient is undergoing surgery under anesthesia, so first of all have gas supply means, the supply of gas for the O2, air or N2O.