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Neonatal small machine

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AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender
  • AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender
  • AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender

  • No: AD3000-SPD2
  • Type: Neonatal small machine
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  • AD3000-SPD2 Air Oxygen Blender

    Air oxygen Blender is an appropriative device for preventing the occurrence of ROP of neonate and premature in accordance with the principle that doctors and nurses safely use different oxygen concentration to rescue patient. Considering the necessity of the application of different oxygen concentration in clinic, to avoid the negative factor from inhaling pure oxygen for a long time. This product is safe, exact and stable, especially supply the safe and reliable guarantee for neonate and premature.


    Performance characteristics:

    It is especially used for bow cap, nasal tube, incubator, resuscitator and extracorporeal circulationmachine.

    FIO2 is controlled from 21%~100%

    FIO2 and flow controlled respectively. No influence.

    The surface product with anodic oxidation treatment.

    Balance principle of mechanical diaphragm.


    Choose accessories:

    Clamp, inhaler, flow meter, humidification bottle...

    Technical parameters:

    Model: AD3000-SPD2

    FIO2: 21%-100%

    Flow: 0LPM~1.0LPM



    Air-source failure alarm:

    Air-source interrupt: sound alarm

    Pressure difference: ≥0.1MPa, sound alarm

    Alarm time: >60s

    Alarm noise: >57dB(A)

    Common parameters:

    Pressure of oxygen and air: 0.3MPa~0.4MPa

    Size: 12*12*17cm

    Certification: EN ISO13485 CE