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CAS-2000C AB SCAN computer built in trolley
  • CAS-2000C AB SCAN computer built in trolley
  • CAS-2000C AB SCAN computer built in trolley

  • No: CAS-2000C
  • Type: AB Scan
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  • CAS-2000C AB SCAN   (computer built in trolley)  


    PROBES: 10MHz, internal fixaction  

    FORMULAS: Holladay, Hoffer-Q, SCDK, SRK-Ⅱ, SRK/T  

    MODES: Manual, Automatic  

    MEASURE: ACD, Lens, Vitrous and Axial length  

    REVIEW: A-scan measurements and statistics  

    STATISTICS: Average and maximum difference from average  

    CALCULATION: IOL table  

    MEMORY: Store 8 scans  

    ACCURACY: 0.05mm  


    PROBES: 10MHz,  

    ACCURACY: Axial 0.2mm, Lateral 0.5mm  

    DISPLAY: 60 degree sector fan, 256 level gray scale, B, B+B, B+A mode,  

    Dynamic Playback(recorded): 100 frames  

    Zoom: stepless drag zoom and shrink  

    Image post processing: brightness, smooth, sharp, gray, equalize, etc  

    Measurement system in millimeters for length  

    Computer Specifications:  

    *Popular computer mainframe  

    *15 LCD  

    *Jet/laser printer  

    ◆Software interface:  

       Software window         A Scan                    A scan data                  A scan formula(IOL)  

       A scan report data       B Scan                    Color B scan                 B scan (B+B Mode)  

       Mark focus case           Patient information       B scan report data       Database inquiry