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Operation microscope

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SOM2000D operation microscope Ophthalmic
  • SOM2000D operation microscope Ophthalmic
  • SOM2000D operation microscope Ophthalmic

  • No: SOM2000D
  • Type: Operation microscope
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  • SOM2000D operation microscope Ophthalmic

    The product is an advanced double binocular operation microscope designed for two men, ZOOM magnification and foot switch.  

    Detailed profile  



    • ZOOM magnifications for main microscope, 4X25X continuously adjustment.  

    • Fine focusing knob is the bottom of assistant binocular. The image of the assistant’s microscope can be focused independently of the main surgeon, to avoid the different diopters.  

    • Germany optics gives the surgeon a bright, balanced, and fine image.  

    • Apochromatic technology used in the optical design, ensures coaxial light focus and makes a clearer field of view.  

    • Microscope head and arm can be moved freely by using the spring balanced system; locking device of the microscope arm  can keep patients away from the lens in a safe distance.  

    • Independent electrical control box has the function of automatic diagnosis,which brings great convenience for  installation and repair if necessary.  

    •Accessories:Teaching Tube, CCD System and Operation Microscope Image System.   

    Eyepiece Magnifications 12.5×/18B
    Objective Lensf=200
    Working Distance170mm
    Magnification for Main Microscope4.6×~27× motorized and manual control 
     continuous magnification
    Magnification for Assistant Microscope6×、10×、16×
    Diameter of FieldF4646+46mm~F8.58.588.58mm
    Adjustable Diopter±7D
    Adjustable Range for Pupil Distance50mm ~ 75mm (main microscope is 45mm ~ 80mm)
    Field of View2mm ~ 18mm
    Maximal Resolution119 LP/mm
    Focus for Assistant Microscope≥30mm
    Illumination Source12V/100W,cold reflection halogen lamp for medical use
    Illumination Type6°+0°coaxial illumination of cold light source, 26°oblique illumination
    Coaxial Illumination≥80000lx,1~9level,panel operated
    Oblique Illumination≥60000lx,1~9level, panel operated
    Reaching Radius of Arm1230mm
    Adjustable Vertical Range880mm~1420mm
    Fine Focusing Speed and Range≤2mm/s,≥50mm
    Speed for X/Y and Range≤2mm/s,50mm×50mm
    VoltageAC220V±22V/50Hz±1Hz、 AC110V±11V/60Hz±1Hz
    FuseAC250V T4.04.0444.0000A ,AC1250V T8.0588.0A
    Electrical Safety StandardExecutive standard:GB9706.1-2007,Class I