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Surgical Sutures

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LTSS09 Polyester Braided
  • LTSS09 Polyester Braided
  • LTSS09 Polyester Braided

  • No: LTSS09
  • Type: Surgical Sutures
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  •  polyester suture is synthetic non-absorbable multifilament braided suture.

    Green or White color.

    Polyester composite of terephthalate with or without cover.

    Because of its non-absorbable synthetic origin, it has minimum tissue reactivity, and it is in time encapsulated by connective tissue.

    Used in tissue cooptation because of its characteristic

    Tensile strength.

    Color code: Orange label.

    Frequently used in different specialties including cardiovascular and ophthalmic because of its resistance to repeated bending.