Neonatal small machine


Neonatal small machine

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LTPM59 Neonatal Eye protector
  • LTPM59 Neonatal Eye protector
  • LTPM59 Neonatal Eye protector

  • No: LTPM59
  • Type: Neonatal small machine
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  • Neonatal Protective Phototherapy Eye Mask



    1.Uniquely designed,our eye protection shield comes with different shapes and sizes to fit perfectly to different babies.

    2.Constructed with special eye-pad material, effectively block harmful lights to eyes, while allow phototherapy light to reach baby's head to give the maximum treatment effect.

    3.Soft and sweat-absorbent contact fabric to make baby feel comfortable, and avoid allergy and infection caused by secretion and abrasion.

    4.Sterilized by Cobalt 60 Ray.

    Warm prompt:

    Before use, please read the instruction and the notes described on the instruction.

    Please choose the model, appropriate size according to children head circumference.

    For the children whose eyes are infected, or infection but not cure, please after treatment, then use as directed by doctor.

    Children with allergic constitution, please use cautiously, or use as directed by doctor.

    Use process, watch the usage, need to strengthen tour.

    Effective period: 3 years.

    Different Shapes and Sizes

    All come with 3 different sizes:

    Regular Size: 30 – 38 cm

    Pre-mature Size:  24 – 33 cm

    Micro Size: 20 – 28 cm