Hematology analyzer


Hematology analyzer

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LTBTC32 Automated Blood Culture Detection System
  • LTBTC32 Automated Blood Culture Detection System
  • LTBTC32 Automated Blood Culture Detection System
  • LTBTC32 Automated Blood Culture Detection System

  • No: LTBTC32
  • Type: Hematology analyzer
  • Dimension:
  • Characteristics:

    Sample Type: Blood and various sterile body fluid specimens

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  • Instrument Features & Specifications

    Test Principles

    Colorimetry & CO2 sensor

    Sample Type

    Blood and various sterile body fluid specimens


    32 bottles

    Detection Method

    Continuous swing vibration

    An independent detector in each position, providing real-time status

    Detect the signal every 10 minutes, 24 hours non-stop monitoring

    90% positive samples can be obtained within 24 hours, 98% positive samples can be obtained within 48 hours

    Interpretation Method

    Sustained acceleration, Rate and Initial threshold

    Sample Loading

    Able to accept samples in random position and at any time in each rack

    Able to resume the procedure if a sample is picked up and reinserted within at least 2 hours

    Able to process samples with a late arrival up to 48 hours

    Working Environment

    Environmental temperature: 5--37

    Relative humidity: 10%--90%

    Operation System & Software

    Internal computer with process control, data storage and analysis, patient management and exam reporting capability

    Real time identification and warning, with audio, visual and software alarm, of positive samples

    Atmospheric Pressure


    Power Supply

    AC 110-240V, 50/60 HZ

    Dimension & Weigh

    575* 561* 460 mm; 70kg



    Blood Culture Bottle Features & Specifications

    Bottle Type

    Adult aerobic blood culture bottle

    Adult anaerobic blood culture bottle

    Children's blood culture bottle


           40 bottles/box   Box size:282*177*127mm       G.W.:2.6 kg

          6 boxes/carton   Carton size:500*300*275mm   G.W.:16.1kg

    Bottle Design

    Made of Multilayer polymeric fibers

    Light weight and unbreakable, avoid biohazard

    Special formula of media to improve the cultivation of fastidious bacteria

    Resin microsphere guarantees antibiotics absorbing, prevents antibiotics interference; It lyses WBC and release bacteria inside to improve detection rate; Microsphere also provides enough surface for bacteria growing;

    Colorless resin design completely avoids interference of gram stain against activated carbon

    Resin Microspheres has great advantage over active carbon, which is fully reflected in smear staining to positive blood culture specimen. The left one shows the specimen smear of active carbon bottle, so we can see the background with few clouds of black that must influence on observation on smear and seeking bacteria. The right one shows the specimen smear of resin culture bottle, which is almost transparent, so the visual field of it is very clear and the bacteria can be found easily.