Syringe and infusion pump


Syringe and infusion pump

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LTI800A Infusion Pump for hospital
  • LTI800A Infusion Pump for hospital
  • LTI800A Infusion Pump for hospital

  • No: LTI800A
  • Type: Syringe and infusion pump
  • Dimension:
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    Small & exquisite

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  • LTI800A Infusion Pump
    Small & exquisite
    Ergonomic  intuitive interface, easy  to operate
    change the flow rate while operating
    3.2 inch high-definition color display
    Dual CPU system, safer & more reliable
    Manual bolus and automatic bolus
    Flow rate, time/ volume, dosage/weight modes
    Particular stage infusion mode
    Drip sensor and fluid heater optional
    All  brands  infusion sets applicable
    Dynamic pressure display, 3level occlusion sensitivities setting(the value of each level is programmable
    Automatically release impact dose after occlusion(anti-bolus)
    Vertical & horizontal rotatable fixation clamp
    2000 history records and last configuration memory
    Drug  library & wireless monitoring upgradable


    1.IV Sets:Standrad IV sets of 20 and 60d/ml,with diameter 3.4-3.5mm

    2.Infusion Modes:Volumtric

    3.Infusion Accuracy:≤±5%(after calibration)

    4. Flow Rate Range:0.1ml/hr~1200ml/hr(20d/ml IV set)

                                         0.1ml/hr~150ml/hr( 60d/ml IV set)

    5.Volume Limit(VTBI):1~9999ml

    6.Total/Volume Mode: 0.1~9999ml  

    7.Time/Volume Mode:Time :1minute~99 hours 59 minutes; VTBI: 1`9999 ml

    8.Drug/weight Mode:Unit: : µg/h, mg/h, µg/kg/min, mg/kg/min, µg/kg/h, g/kg/h and mg/kg/h   Drug Amount: 0.01 µg~100g   Solution Volume: 1~1000ml                  Body Weight: 1~250kg   Dose: Depend on weight, drug , volume and dose unit

    9.Purge Rate: 600ml/hr (20d/ml IV set);  150ml/hr (60d/ml IV set)

    10.BOLUS:Default 600ml/h ,Values adjustable within 10-600ml/hr (20d/ml IV  set) ;  Default 150ml/h ,Values adjustable within 10-150ml/hr (60d/ml IV set)


    12.Bubble Detection:Ultrasonic with 3-level sensitivite setting,40~100ul

    13.Occlusion Alarm:3-level sensitivite setting

    14.Audio & Visual Alarm:Bubbles,Door open,Finished,Pause Overtime,Leakage,Empty,Battery Low,Motor reverse,Incorrect paremetres setting,Motor failure,Abnormal drip sensor,Occlusion,AC lost etc.

    15.Display:3.2" in TFT(240*320)

    16.Power Source:≤25W,85~265V,50Hz/60Hz

    17.Battery: Ni-MH DC12V,2300mAh; Recharing time: 16 hours (last 4 hours at 125ml/hr after fully recharged)

    18.Operation Condition:Temperature:+5°C~+40°C,Atmospheric Pressure:70Kpa~~106Kpa;  Relative Humidity ≤80%  

    19.Storage and Transportation :Temperature: -20oC ~ +55oC; Relative Humidity 10%~90%


    21.Net weight: 1.8kg